Meet the Marmots

The Hoarding Marmot has been Alaska’s finest technical outdoor consignment shop since 2015.  It's the dream come true of every gear junkie and outdoor novice; a place to get outdoor technical gear and apparel for a reasonable price. From skiing, snowboarding and ice climbing in the winters, to paddling, biking and backpacking in the summers, we cover almost all human-powered adventures all year round. Our knowledgeable staff can expertly outfit you for your next outdoor experience. Our main objective is to find new homes for gently used gear, but we also carry new retail items to fill in any gaps in our inventory. So, whether you are looking to get stocked up for your next expedition or consign your own under utilized gear, come on by and check us out!

Meet the Owner 


The Hoarding Marmot is the brainchild of Dana Drummond. 

"I've had the opportunity to live, climb, ski, and adventure in a lot of places around the world but Alaska really stands out! After living here for almost 10 years, opening The Hoarding Marmot in 2015 just seemed like the right thing to do for myself and for the Southcentral Alaska outdoor community. There are so many specialized ways to adventure. Each approach requires their own select gear, which is often expensive and challenging to find used. I decided to open The Hoarding Marmot so there would be an easy way to get forgotten gear into the hands of the next excited enthusiast at a reasonable price. I hate seeing good gear go to waste, become obsolete and gather dust from lack of use. Re-use – it’s one of the big environmentally friendly R’s!  There are other ways to buy and sell used items (online, yard sales, gear swaps, message boards, forums and flyers, etc.), but they are almost always time consuming and inconvenient. I'm happy to offer my experience and that of our experienced staff to help get people out into their next exploit without spending a fortune!"