Limited Rentals Available Now!

Backcountry Ski & Splitboard Rentals

Skip the lift tickets & lines and rent a backcountry touring setup! We have brand new equipment: skis, boots, poles and avalanche rescue gear. Grab some friends and start touring. It’s like a winter wonderland hike with a “whee” at the end! We have a brand spanking new fleet of lightweight setups consisting of skis from Dynafit, Line, and Armada, bindings from Dynafit and ATK, and Dynafit boots to get you going. 

 2 DaysAdditional NightsItem/Package
$60$20AT Package (skis, skins, boots, poles)
$45$15Skis & Skins (must bring both boots)
$30$15AT Boots
$50$20Splitboard & Skins (not currently renting boots)
$30$15Avalanche Package (beacon, shovel, probe)
$5$2Touring Poles


Alpine Ski Rentals

If you’re new to the sport or flew in without your equipment and need skis, swing by to pick up rentals before heading to the mountain. We have brand new K2 skis & boots for the 23-24 season that are solid middle-of-the-line performers. No base models in our fleet! We have skis, boots, poles, helmets and goggles available for rent.

2 DaysAdditional NightsItem/Package
$40$15Adult Alpine Package (skis, boots, poles)
$30$10Adult Skis (must bring both boots to rent)
$10$3Alpine Poles
$20$15Youth Alpine Package (skis, boots, poles)
$21$6Helmet & Goggles Package

Nordic Rentals

Try out classic or skate skiing with a pair of our rentals. There are endless groomed trails, including miles of lit paths to explore around town. Ask our staff members what their favorite trails are. We have something for everyone, kids to adults, novice to expert. 

 1 Day*Additional NightsItem/Package
$15$10Fish Scale Classic Package (boots, skis, poles)
$15$10Skin Ski Classic Package (boots, skis, poles)
$10$5Classic Skis
$10$5Classic Boots
$25$12Performance Classic Package (boots, skis, poles)
$15$10Performance Classic Skis
$10$7Performance Classic Boots
$25$10Race Classic Skis
$20$7Race Classic Boots
$4$2Nordic Poles
$30$15Basic Skate Package (boots, skis, poles)
$20$10Skate Skis
$15$5Skate Boots
$60$30Performance Skate Package (boots, skis, poles)
$40$20Performance Skate Skis
$30$10Performance Skate Boots
$25$10Race Skate Skis
$30$10Race Skate Boots
$25$10Backcountry Nordic Package (boots, skis, poles)
$15$10Backcountry Nordic Skis
$10$10Backcountry Nordic Boots
$10$5Youth Combi Package***
$10$5Youth Waxless Package***
$10$5Youth Skate Package
$5$5Youth Boots
$5$5Youth Skis
$3$3Youth Nordic Poles

*For Nordic only, we offer same day rentals so you can cruise around town for the afternoon.

**For 1 day Nordic rentals, the cutoff time for pickup is 2pm. That way, you get a minimum of 4-5 hours to ski before needing to return by 7pm Mon-Sat, or 6pm on Sundays. Our 2 day options are also affordable and allow you to pick up anytime and drop off the following day before closing to maximize ski time.

***For Youth Combi and Youth Waxless packages, we offer season-long leases (December 1 - April 1) for $200